Melbourne Assessment 2

  • The Melbourne Assessment 2 (MA2): a test of quality of unilateral upper limb function

     is a criterion-referenced test that extends and refines the scale properties of the original Melbourne Assessment by:

    • Extending the application to include children as young as 2.5 years with neurological impairments (full age range 2.5 to 15 years)
    • Providing measurement of four elements of upper limb movement quality across sub-scales of: range of movement, accuracy, dexterity and fluency

    The number of test items in the revised tool has been reduced from 16 to 14 and the number of score items has been reduced from 37 to 30 with 7 items being rescaled.

    Changes to the scaling of score items and in the summing of scores across four sub-scales have been undertaken based on Rasch Analysis.

    Purchase of the MA2 includes:

    1. A single site license to access on-line administration and scoring guidelines, score sheet and web-based training program
    2. The test kit

    Please visit Melbourne Assessment 2 to access the MA2 website and read about this tool and how to order