Clinical Resources - OT

  • Occupational Therapy Information sheets

    These information sheets aim to be practical, user-friendly and a time efficient resource for therapists to use in conjunction with an occupational therapy program. Please see the information sheets available for download.

    Hands e-learning

    Hands e-learning is an educational resource including PowerPoint presentations and video demonstrations applicable to children with hand and upper limb conditions.


    VicPOTs is an e-mail network for Victorian Paediatric Occupational Therapists to share information about job vacancies, education/professional development and new resources.  Please note VicPOTS is not a forum for clinical questions or discussions in a chat style forum. For clinical questions, please use other sites developed for this purpose.

    Any Victorian paediatric occupational therapist may apply to join VicPOTs. Membership to the group is moderated by the Manager of OT at RCH. This means individuals can apply to subscribe themselves, however the application needs to be approved.

    If you would like to join VicPOTs send an email to

    If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from VicPOTs, unsubscribe by sending an email to

    User guidelines:

    • Once you are a member of VicPOTs you can post by sending an email to
    • Please include VicPOTs in the subject line to help identify that the e-mail is related to VicPOTs. 
    • Respond to a message via the mailing list, by replying.  By default your reply will only go to the sender. 
    • If you are having problems with the system or have a general enquiry, please email