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Jit Balakumar - Biography

  • Jit

    Jit Balakumar is a highly respected Australia and internationally trained orthopaedic surgeon. His public hospital appointments include the Royal Children's Hospital and the Austin hospital. 

    His private hospital appointments include Epworth(Richmond) and The Avenue.
    His focus of interest lies mainly in three main joints: hip arthroscopy, joint preservation surgery in the hip (osteotomies in children  and adolescents, impingement surgery)  sports knee  in children and scoliosis surgery in children.

    Jit Balakumar graduated school at Trinity Grammar in 1992 and attended Monash University  where he obtained MBBS in 1998. He completed his residency training at the Alfred Hospital before completing his orthopaedic training in Victoria. He earned FRACS(Orth) in Dec 2006.

    Subsequently he worked a locum year at the Royal Melbourne and Royal Children's Hospitals. During this year he also completed a fellowship in trauma. In 2008 he traveled overseas to Paris, France where he completed a six month fellowship in sports knee surgery at Universite Cinq under the guidance of Dr. Michel Bercovy.
    Finally in 2008/2009 he was accepted into the accredited Harvard Paediatric Orthopaedic Fellowship program at the Children's Hospital of Boston. There he completed a full-year of hands-on surgical training with some of the brightest minds and hands in paediatric orthopaedics. The hospital boasts one of the highest volume paediatric and young adult centers in the world. He bene?tted not only from a vast experience but also from cutting-edge surgery and a large focus on academics as would be expected from its af?liation with Harvard University. 

    He was especially able to focus on gaining skills with emerging techniques in treating varied complex conditions affecting the paediatric spine, sports and the young adult hip. His skills and experience  bridging paediatric and adult orthopaedics puts Mr.Balakumar in a unique position to offer advice and treatment that is carefully thought out and directed across all age groups.
    Jit Balakumar looks forward to your referrals and in assisting with the care of your patients. He is more than happy to be contacted  via pager or phone for advice.