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  • Outpatient clinics occur daily. Assessment may involve seeing orthoptists, orthoptic students, medical students, registrars, fellows and consultant ophthalmologists. For more information about a visit to the eye clinic see fact sheet A Visit To The Eye Doctor

    The following special eye clinics occur regularly:

    • Eye Baby Clinics
    • Eye Cerebral Palsy Clinics
    • General Eye Clinics
    • Genetic Eye Disease
    • Neurofibromatosis Eye Screening clinics - Orthoptic led
    • Ocular Electrodiagnosis  (Electroretinograms, electro-oculograms and visual evoked responses) - Orthoptic led
    • Oculo-plastic Clinics
    • Orthoptic Clinics - Orthoptic led
    • Retinoblastoma follow-up clinic
    • Uveitis Clinic - Multidisciplinary clinic
    • Visual Field Clinics - Orthoptic led