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How to prepare

  • How can I prepare before submitting my application?

    • Attend/watch online The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) information evening
    • Read the position description and frequently asked questions (see below)
    • Update your CV and advise your referees of your intentions
    • Ensure you have up to date copies of academic transcripts and clinical appraisal documents
    • Organise certified copies of relevant documents (Official online certification accepted only i.e. eQuals.
    • Create electronic copies of certified documents for online applications
    • Learn about RCH and familiarise yourself with the organisation
    • Revise professional codes of practice and professional ethical standards
    • Sign up to the RCH E-recruitment tool Mercury

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the requirements to be eligible to apply?

    Please refer to Graduate Nurse/Midwife Program Match (GNMP Match) – PMCV (Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria) for eligibility criteria and details.

    I have already completed my degree. Am I still eligible to apply?

    Yes- If you graduated no earlier than January 2019 and have not previously participated in a Graduate Nurse Program or worked more than an average of 24 hours per week for the first year since registration.

    I am an interstate or international applicant. Am I eligible to apply?

    Please refer to Graduate Nurse/Midwife Program Match (GNMP Match) – PMCV(Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria) for eligibility criteria.

    Do I have to get really good grades to join the RCH Graduate Nurse program?

    In implementing a person centred approach at the RCH we recognise learning and academic achievements are unique to the individual and respect this in processing your overall application.

    How do I obtain further information about the RCH?

    For information about the RCH, please visit our website

    Where do I send my application?

    Applications are accepted online via the RCH careers and search for the Graduate Nurse Program – 2020 job advertisement and apply directly, following prompts. Any applications received via email or post will not be considered.

    Does my CV/resume have to be absolutely faultless to be considered for short listing? Does it matter if there is a mistake?

    Attention to detail creates a positive impression, and ensuring your completed documentation is of high standard is an important component in standing out. Please note that any application which is incomplete (i.e. missing documentation) will not be considered for interview. 

    What is a certified true copy?

    A certified true copy is an exact duplicate of an original document which has been sighted by an authorised signatory, and signed off as being a 'true copy'. The wording on the copy must say 'This is a certified true copy' i.e. a signature alone is not considered valid. Each page of a document must be verified in this way – not just the front page. Therefore a 10 page document must have every page signed as a 'certified true copy'. Hard copies of certified documents provided will be required to be sighted at interview stage.

    Who can I get to certify my documents?

    In Australia there are a range of persons authorised to certify documentation, according to their profession/position. AHPRA has a comprehensive list of authorised officers, along with the signatory requirements, online.

    One of my most recent clinical appraisals is from a mental health placement. Do I need to submit this or can I use my second year clinical appraisal document?

    The type or location of your most recent placements is not relevant, as these documents are used to evaluate your current clinical skills, and will not be used to assess for any speciality nursing experience. All applicants are required to submit a certified 'true copy' of the two most recent clinical appraisal documents, which may include mental health placements, aged care and community placement. Please note that we only require the appraisal pages of this tool. You are not required to upload your entire appraisal booklet.

    Do we get to put in preferences for the clinical area we want to work in during 2020?

    You will have the opportunity to nominate an area/s you will prefer not to work in, and provide the rationale for the same. Preference of intake and area/s you prefer not to work will be included in the online application for you to complete and upload.

    Do applicants need to complete the Paediatric Foundation Program, or equivalent, to obtain entry into the Graduate Nurse Program?

    This is not a prerequisite for the Graduate Nurse Program. If you are successful in gaining a position at the RCH as a graduate nurse, education sessions are provided (which cover all education components that are delivered in the paediatric foundation program).

    How many clinical rotations are offered?

    Graduate Nurse Program participants undertake one placement and there are no rotations during the program.

    Are there part-time positions available?

    Part time roles – 64 hours per fortnight are offered except in Perioperative which is 72 hours per fortnight.

    Will my application be considered even if I haven’t undertaken a previous paediatric placement?

    Yes, we understand that undergraduate paediatric placements are limited and the RCH considers all applications we receive. Not having a previous placement at the RCH will not affect your prospects of becoming a successful candidate to the Graduate Nurse program.

    What sort of questions should I expect at the interview?

    Candidates will be asked questions relating to your commitment to adult learning, clinical scenarios, communication and professional issues. It is advised that applicants familiarise themselves with the RCH Job Description for Registered Nurses: Grade 2 Year 1 (Grad year). This document will be available on the careers website, with the position advert.

    Is there anything else I should know or be aware of?

    An understanding of professional codes of practice, professional ethical standards, and professional nursing issues and challenges is a requirement for a Graduate Nurse.

    Will I be given a preceptor if I am successful in gaining a position in this program?

    Yes. The RCH Graduate Nurse Program utilises a preceptorship model and you will be allocated a preceptor/s for the duration of the program.

    Does the RCH Graduate Nurse Program support nurses undertaking an Honours year?

    Yes. Candidates undertaking concurrent Honours are eligible for study leave each semester and are encouraged to discuss their study program requirements with Nurse Unit Managers at interviews.

    Will I be re-employed at the RCH at completion of the program?

    Yes. The RCH offers ongoing positions to graduate nurses, and after successful completion of the program all participants are eligible to continue employment at the RCH.

    How do I apply for the Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program?

    For information regarding applications to the Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program please visit the RCH mental health nursing page.

    If you have any further questions please contact us at