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How to apply

  • Application

    There are two steps in applying for a Graduate Nurse position at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH):

    1. Register via PMCV allocation and placement system.
    2. Apply online to the RCH via the advertised position on our Mercury careers site.

    The below documents are required to be uploaded as part of the online application. Your uploaded documents will be used by the selection panel to shortlist candidates for interviews. Please adhere to the recommended guidelines as outlined below.

    Online application includes:

    1. Application form*
    2. Curriculum vitae
    3. Academic transcript
    4. Recent clinical appraisal documents/tools (x2)

    * Please click on the link to preview and/or download the application form. This will also be available for download with the online recruitment advertisement via our careers site.

    1. Application form

    The application form will be available as a part of the online application process. Please complete the application form and attach to your online Mercury application. You do not need to attach a cover letter as this application form replaces the cover letter.


    Include contact details of two professional nursing referees who are able to describe your nursing practice and one referee from a current employer (if not employed your referee can be from your volunteer work, sport coach, extra curriculum, church etc.). Include referees name, position and title, organisation, contact number and relationship e.g. third year clinical teacher. This information is to be included in the application form.

    2. Curriculum vitae

    Your Curriculum vitae (CV) should include the following components and a be maximum of three pages in length.

    • Contact details: include full name, address, phone number/s and email address
    • Tertiary level education history (post-secondary school)
    • Clinical experiences as an undergraduate nurse (include number of weeks and hours worked for each placement)
    • Recent employment history (include responsibilities in each role)
    • Volunteer experience
    • Professional development
    • Professional memberships
    • Photograph – no photograph is required on the CV, please upload a photo to your Mercury account (head and shoulder shot only)

    3. Transcript

    A certified true copy of your academic transcript is required to be attached along with the application. This must be an official transcript and must include a grading key to assist the reviewing panel.

    4. Clinical appraisal documents/tools

    A certified true copy of your two most recent clinical appraisal documents/tools are required to be attached along with the application. Please note that we only require the appraisal pages of this tool. You are not required to upload your entire appraisal booklet.

    After applying

    Once applications have been assessed, successful applicants may be required to complete the below:

    1. Medication test

    The Medication calculation test is a short online timed test. Details of this test will be emailed to you once applications are closed. The test assesses essential mathematical knowledge and awareness of paediatric medications is not required.

    2. Interview process

    Following the shortlisting process applicants will be invited to an interview at the RCH. Interviews will take place over a two week period. If you are shortlisted, we will email you with further information including the date and time of the interview.

    The interview process will take approximately 30 minutes with a small panel of senior nursing staff. The interview is an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate; understanding of the structure and content of the Graduate Nurse Program at the RCH; awareness of integrating the Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia (NMBA) competency standards for registered nurses into clinical practice; knowledge of contemporary nursing practice issues; ability to think critically; communication and interpersonal skills appropriate for paediatric nursing; child and family centred approach to care.