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  • Nursing Education and Research Department

    Office: Level 2, East Building, Zone Q
    Telephone: 9345 6716

    Work Experience

    We do not offer work experience for students due to a number of clinical and privacy issues. Those interested in a career in nursing should consider researching a healthcare career by attending the annual Nursing & Health Expo and looking at the My Health Career website.

    Our Team

    Director, Nursing Education

    Fiona Newall

    Fiona Newall 2017

    Deputy Director, Nursing Education

    Helen Codman

    Helen Codman 


    Chrissy Temperley

    Chrissy Temperley


    Ellie Codman

     Ellie Codman 2022

    Nurse Educator, Programs

    Danielle Mee

    Danielle Mee

    Nurse Educator, Programs

    Chantelle Di Gregorio

     Chantelle Di Gregorio 2020

    Clinical Support Nurse, Programs

    Darren Pickering

     Darren Pickering 2023

    Nurse Educator, Entry To Practice Nurses

    Stefanie Davis

    Clinical Support Nurse, Entry To Practice Nurses

    Sharon Henderson

    Georgia Bartie


    Nurse Educator, Graduate Nurses

    Meagan Roumani 

    Meagan McHenry 2019

     Nurse Educator, Graduate Nurses

    Claudia Barriga

    Claudia Barriga1

    Nurse Educator, Resuscitation Programs

    Laura Box

    Laura Box 2022

    Allied Health and Nursing Education Development and Leadership program


    Ashlee Moore                                        



      Centre of Excellence – Post Graduate Nursing Courses

      Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Paediatric Critical Care)

      Kim Morris

      Kim Morris 2022  

      Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Paediatrics)

       Annabelle Santos 

      Nursing Education - Annabelle Santos 

      Medical Imaging

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Jaimee Taylor-Fairweather

      Dolphin Medical Short Stay

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Lori Buchanan 

      Day Medical and Specialist Clinics

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Shae Lane
      • Bec Milczak                                                                                

      Platypus Ward – Surgical Care

      Clinical Support Nurse 

      • Marie Groutas-Phelan
      • Alicia Waters

      Koala Ward – Cardiac & Renal Care

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Annabelle Santos  
      • Lauren Dettmer
      • Jessica Hinchcliffe                                                                                

      Perioperative Services

      Clinical Nurse Educator (Perioperative)

      • Carolyn Sahhar

      Clinical Support Nurse (Theatre)

      • Karen Sullivan  
      • Hayley Martin 

      Clinical Support Nurse (Recovery)

      • Lauren Jorgensen 

      Clinical Support Nurse (Possum Short & Day Stay Surgical Unit)

      • Ebony Larter 

      Cockatoo Ward, Surgical and Neuroscience Care

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Heather Argentino 
      • Kate Shepherd
      • Laura Twentyman           

      Kelpie Ward, Adolescent, Cancer & Rehabilitation Care

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Nicola Robertson  
      • Amelia Michelle

      Banksia Ward, Mental Health

      Clinical Nurse Educator

      • Helga Reinal

      Psychiatric Nurse Consultant 

      • Laura Hainsworth

      Sugar Glider Ward, Medical Care

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • John Kemp    
      • Casey Clarke
      • Jane Webb 

      Kookaburra Cancer Care and Day Cancer Centre

      Clinical Nurse Educator

      • Lisa Barrow

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Anna Jezierski
      • Alice Halpin
      • Ellie Kemp

      Rosella Ward, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

      Clinical Nurse Educator  

      • Claire Kerr
      • Lauren Nichols
      • Sarah Johnstone

      Clinical Support Nurse     

      • Janet Guerin
      • James Walker
      • Jess Sands
      • Amy De Chellis
      • Cory Bach
      • Emily Blythe

      Ambulatory Programs (Wallaby & Complex Care Hub)

      Clinical Nurse Educator

      • Kelly Light

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Maggie Holt  
      • Aaron Suckling

      Emergency Department

      Clinical Nurse Educator

      • Erica Choong 
      • Felicity Spencer-Keefe 

      Clinical Support Nurse 

      • Louise Taylor
      • Lisa Cassidy
      • Erin Eade
      • Laura Clancy

      Butterfly, Newborn Intensive Care

      Clinical Nurse Educator

      • Sharlene Pattie
      • Alison Kendrick          

      Clinical Support Nurse

      • Lauren Cross
      • Lisa Chaplin
      • Emily Jenkins
      • Brooke Smith
      • Sarah Clark
      • Tori Lieshout
      • Brittany Oldham
      • Ruby Murphy