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  • Neurology - Richard Leventer

    Consultant Neurologist

    Head of Neuroscience Research Group, Murdoch Children's Research Institute
    Professor, University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics.

    Biographical Sketch

    Prof. Leventer is a paediatric neurologist and a clinician scientist. He received his medical training at Monash University (including a BMedSci in biological psychiatry) and trained in general paediatrics and paediatric neurology at the Royal Children's Hospital. He then completed a two-year fellowship in clinical paediatric neurology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis followed by two years as a Neurogenetics Fellow in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago, working under Professors William Dobyns and David Ledbetter on the Brain Malformation Research Project. He returned to the RCH as a Consultant Neurologist in July 2001. In October 2007 he received his PhD on the topic of human cortical malformations focussing on polymicrogyria. Prof. Leventer is a past president of the Australia and New Zealand Child Neurology Society.

    Clinical Interests

    Prof. Leventer sees patients with all types of neurological disorders. He has particular interests in genetic diseases of the central nervous system including brain malformations and white matter disorders. He is neurologist to the weekly RCH/VCGS neurogenetics clinic, and also has expertise in providing advice to both clinicians and parents for brain disorders diagnosed during pregnancy.

    Research Interests

    Prof. Leventer's main research interests are disorders of early brain development and genetic disorders of the central nervous system. He is Director of the RCH Brain Malformation Research Program and is clinical lead of the Massimo’s Mission Leukodystrophy Program. He is National Lead of the Australian Genomics Brain Malformations and Leukodystrophy flagships and leads the MCRI Neurodevelopment Flagship. 

    Selected publications

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    Leventer RJ, Phelan EM, Coleman LT, Kean MJ, Jackson GD, and Harvey AS. Clinical and imaging features of cortical malformations in childhood. Neurology 1999;53:715-722


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    Mailing address:   Department of Neurology
      The Royal Children's Hospital
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      Parkville, Victoria 3052,
     Phone:   +61 3 9345 5661 
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