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Our vision, mission and goals

  • Our vision

    All children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and their families, living fulfilling lives within their community

    Our mission

    To provide leadership in the health care of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and also in research, training, advocacy, service development and policy about disabilities in children and young people

    Our goals

    To be a centre of clinical and research excellence that will bring together the professionals and organisations that are needed to:

    • Improve the way we provide care and services for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families
    • Advance understanding of the causes of neurodevelopmental disability
    • Develop and test prevention and treatment strategies
    • Provide evidence based education and training resources in a range of formats designed to engage consumers and promote understanding with skill development and decision making
    • Promote participation and engagement of children and young people with neurodevelopmental disabilities in community activities