Recipient Handout For Renal Transplant Clinic

  • Instructions for Attendance at Renal Transplant Clinic

    It is very important to keep a close follow-up of your child and the new kidney especially in the early stages after the transplant.

    Transplant clinic appointments are very frequent in the first 3 months (daily for the first month, three times weekly for the second month, twice weekly for the third month).

    Please measure your child's height and weight and wait near desk A6 (please note that the desk is usually unattended at the commencement of clinic. One of the doctors will come and call your name when they are ready to see you).

    At the clinic, your child will have a urine test, weight, and blood pressure measured. The doctor will review the child's progress, including all medications.

    It is necessary for you to bring your child's medication list along with you to the transplant clinic.   Medication doses can change regularly and it is very important that they are taken correctly. Any medication changes should be documented by you on the medication list.

    After every clinic appointment your child will have blood samples taken at pathology collection - desk A6.  These samples will include a number of tests that will enable us to closely monitor your child.  

    One of the tests is a tacrolimus level that will help us decide the appropriate dose to give your child.  On clinic days the morning tacrolimus dose should be given soon after the blood sample is taken.  Please bring the tacrolimus dose for that morning with you to the hospital.

    The blood tests will be reviewed daily by the transplant team and you will be notified if any changes in treatment are necessary.

    Occasionally, it is necessary to return for a repeat blood test in the afternoon. If this happens, don't panic as this could be for a number of different reasons.

    It is imperative that we can contact you after each clinic appointment (please ensure that the contact number on the unit record is correct.)

    Please advise the Renal Co-ordinator (9345 4658) or the Nephrology Administrative Manager (9345 5054) of any changes in telephone numbers. If you are aware that we may not be able to contact you after clinic, please provide an alternative number for that day.


    The clinic times and locations are as follows:

    Monday - Friday:

    Transplant Clinic is held on the Ground Floor in the Specialty Clinic at Reception Desk A6 at 8.00am. 


    Blood sampling at pathology collection -Desk A6 - 9.00am-10.00am. 

    Medical review on Koala Ward.  When you arrive on the ward present yourself to the ward clerk who will advise you where to wait for the doctor. 


    Go to Koala Ward and ask the Blood Collector to be paged. Please check with your doctor what time you should attend on Sunday.