5419 Ergocalciferol

  • Ergocalciferol

    Ergocalciferol (OstelinÔ) 10 000 unit tablets have been discontinued and replaced by a 1000 unit strength. Associate Professor John Wark, Bone and Mineral Service has made the following recommendations for dosage conversion depending on the indication for use:


    Previous dose

    Recommended dose/ Suggested action

    Nutritional supplement for prevention of vitamin D deficiency

    10 000 units once weekly

    1000 units daily

    Documented vitamin D deficiency

    10 000 units once weekly

    10 x 1000 units per week, spaced for convenience pending dosage review

    Vitamin D malabsorption

    10 000 units daily or several times weekly

    Review by prescribing clinician. Options include

    • maintain dose equivalence (may be unduly cumbersome);
    • dose reduction e.g. to 2-4 x 1000 units daily;
    • change to calcitriol


    Multiple 10 000 units daily

    Change to calcitriol by the prescribing clincian