371a IP additives - parent handout intra-peritoneal cephazolin

  • Intra-Peritoneal Cephazolin

    Equipment for additives

    • 1000mg Cephazolin via
    • Water for injections ampoule
    • 10ml syringe
    • 1 x (19g) needle
    • 1 x (25g) needle
    • alcohol swab

    Procedure hand wash

    Check and prepare antibiotics as follows


    Using a 1000mg vial of Cephazolin, draw up 9.6ml of water for injection using a 19g needle and a 10ml syringe

    Remove cover from cephazolinvial and insert the 9.6ml of the water for injection.  Withdraw needle and syringe

    Gently shake and mix contents of the vial until dissolved and solution is clear. 

    There is now 1000mg in 10mls.
    The dose required (125mg/litre of dianeal is ______mg =  ___mg/100mls).  Complete for each individual patient

    Check dose.  Draw up require dose

    Change to new 25g needle prior to injecting bag

    • Swab injection port of bag and inject the dose slowly
    • Gently rotate bag to evenly mix throughout
    • Proceed with bag exchange procedure.