35 Extension Catheter Change

  • Extension Catheter Change  

    This procedure is performed as required, or whenever a contamination is suspected

    Simple hand wash and clean work surface 

    1. Collect the following equipment:
      • Microshield
      • Dressing pack
      • Sterile gloves
      • Fresenius Stay Safe/Luer Lock catheter extension
      • Chlorhexadine
      • Fresenius Stay Safe Disinfection Cap 
      • Green Plastic Scissor Clamp (unsterile)
      • Normal Saline 10mls
      • Syringe 10ml leur-lock
    2. Apply microsheild to hands and Clamp Tenckhoff catheter above blue leur lock connector with with green scissor clamp 
    3. Wipe down work area with chlorhexidine wash
    4. Open sterile equipment onto sterile field 
    5. Procedure hand wash  
    6. Don sterile gloves 
    7. Prime the extension catheter with 10mls of Normal Saline, ensuring the protective cover is replaced with a disinfection cap once the prime is complete
    8. Place sterile towel under catheter & old extension set 
    9. Thoroughly cleanse Catheter adaptor Luer-Lock with chlorhexadine ensuring that 2.5cm either side of the connection is cleaned 
    10. Unscrew & disconnect the old extension set & discard. Keep hold of Tenckhoff catheter, ensure it does not touch anything
    11. Connect new extension catheter set to leur lock. Ensure step 10-11 occur with minimal exposure time to open line
    12. Remove green scissor clamp from Tenckhoff catheter ans secure as per patient preference