132 Declacification of AK200 Using Clean Cart - C

  • Declacifiction of AK200

    To disinfect and decalcify dialysate circuit of machine. 

    This procedure is to be performed fortnightly in conjunction with heat disinfection procedure


    1. Ensure dialysate ports are correctly positioned on the safety couplings  

    2. Ensure Bicart holder is closed
    3. Press heat disinfection button briefly
    4. Select desired procedure with the lit arrow button, ie. clean cart - C
    5. Confirm heat disinfection and decalcification using Clean Cart by pressing the heat disinfection button for 3 seconds
    6. When the attention "clean cart not attached to holder" appears, open the latches of the holder and insert Clean Cart
    7. When the attention "empty and remove clean-cart, close holder" appears, lift the top off bicart holder up and allow clean-cart to drain close the bicart holder.  Once procedure is completed and the machine has been drained press the blinking rinse/drain  button
    8. Remove the clean cart cartridge and discard it
    9. Turn off machine