122 Procedure For Isolated Ultrafiltration

  • Procedure For Isolated Ultra-filtration (UF)

    Isolated UF can be performed at any time before, during or after the "normal" dialysis procedure.

    Formula TMP (mmHg) = Vol (in ml/hr)/ KUF

    Ultrafiltration co-efficient (KUF, ml.mmHg.h-1)  


    KUF is defined as the number of millilitres of fluid/hr that will be transferred across the membrane per mm Hg pressure gradient across the membrane


    This procedure is usually performed in 'Volume Control' mode

    • Determine SAFE UF Volume and Timeframe (UFR) recommended not to exceed 20 ml/kg/min
    • Determine required UF Volume and time for UF phase of treatment.  This is dependent on the UF ability of each dialyser (ie. the KUF).  The maximum recommended TMP is 400 mmHg 

    Use formula:  TMP = Vol / KUF3

    • Set the UF Volume
    • Set the time
    • Press Start/Stop UF button (until the light remains on)
    • When UF phase has finished, time remaining displays 0.00, an alarm appears and 'Time' button flashes
    • Press the isolated UF button for 3 seconds until light goes off
    • Set time for dialysis treatment
    • Set machine for dialysis treatment as required.  You must add the isolated UF volume onto the UF volume for dialysis treatment.