1222 Calculation of Percentage Urea Reduction

  • Urea Reduction

    Percentage Urea Reduction (PUR) is carried out monthly as a routine. 

    The PUR should be calculated from a mid-week dialysis session. 

    On this day both pre-dialysis and post-dialysis urea is measured. 


    Haemodialysis on Mon/Wed/Fri - sample on Wednesday

    Haemodialysis on Mon/Thur - sample on Thursday

    Guidelines for obtaining the post dialysis blood sample

    1. Decrease BFR to 50 ml/min for 2 min
    2. Stop the blood pump
    3. Draw the sample from the arterial sample port

    Percentage urea reduction formula:

    Pre Urea - Post Urea x 100/ Pre Urea