121 Recirculation Of Blood In Extracorporeal Circuit

  • Recirculation Of Blood In Extracorporeal Circuit 

    1. Note treatment time remaining
    2. Stop fluid removal (press UF Start/Stop button so that it is flashing)
    3. Stop blood pump
    4. Clamp arterial and venous blood lines and access
    5. Maintain patency of access (if appropriate) with saline syringe/s
    6. Connect arterial and venous lines together with recirculator.  Open saline sidearm.  Turn blood pump on to 100 ml/min.  Continue dialysate flow to dialyser while recirculating to maintain warmth of blood in circuit.

    Note: Recirculation time should be kept to a minimum.  If recirculating blood has not been reconnected to patient within 20 min it should be re-infused immediately or discarded.

    To reconnect

    Stop blood pump

    • Clamp arterial and venous line, and the saline line (close to the circuit)
    • Reconnect bloodlines to access
    • Re-establish blood flow
    • Recommence fluid removal (ie press UF start/stop button)
    • Reset time to allow for treatment time lost
    • Reset V.P. & T.M.P. limits