1213 Dual-Lumen Central Venous Catheters ADD APPENDIX

  • Dual-Lumen Central Venous Catheters ADD APPENDIX

    For Haemodialysis/Plasma Exchange Access 

    All catheters must be X-Rayed prior to use to check position. 

    X-Ray is not necessarily needed if catheter was inserted under Image Intensifier. 

    Cardiac ultrasound must be carried out 3 monthly to exclude vegetations


    Acute Dual Lumen Catheters

    These catheters are kept in ICU, an agreement has been made with ICU for 7 West Renal Unit to purchase catheters from ICU when needed. 

    ICU will always stock 6.5 F and 12 F catheters as well as 8.5 F or 10 F (ie. a wide range of sizes is always available)

    Check Appendix for size of catheters - protocol 1.2.13(Appendix)