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My RCH Portal


  • What's new?

    From Saturday 8th August 2020, The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) will expand their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to become a Parkville EMR, shared with Melbourne Health, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women's Hospital.

    There will also be a shared Patient Portal, but with different names and designs. My RCH Portal and 'Health Hub' will look different but you will see the same information when you log in.

    If you're an RCH patient who receives treatment from more than one health service, you can use My RCH Portal to manage and stay up-to-date with your treatment and care across all four health services.


    Who can have a My RCH Portal account?

    RCH patients and their parents or legal guardians. Patients can sign up for their own account from 12 years of age. Parents and legal guardians can also sign up for an account for a child in their care.

    Do parents and legal guardians need to provide proof of guardianship?

    Parents and guardians need to sign a form stating that they are the legal guardians of the child. They also need to provide photo identification.

    Can foster parents or other family members access portal accounts?

    No. Only parents and legal guardians can get access to a child's My RCH Portal account.

    Do parents and children have access to the same information?

    This depends on the age of the child. The table below explains the level of access based on the child's age. If you want to discuss you or your child's access to My RCH Portal, please speak to an RCH clinician.

    Child's age Level of access
    0-12 years Parents and legal guardians can have a My RCH Portal account for their child.
    12-15 years A child share's access with their parents or legal guardians.  
    16 years A young person can choose who has access to their My RCH Portal account. Parents and legal guardians need written consent from their child to access the portal. This can be done on the Parent/legal guardian request for proxy access form.

    Sign up

    How do I sign up?

    You will need a My RCH Portal activation code. You can request one at your next hospital visit or ask us to send you a code at home. Find out how to sign up

    Can I get an activation code over the telephone?

    No. You can only get an activation code at the hospital or by mail. 

    Do I need an email address to sign up to My RCH Portal?

    No. You do not need to provide an email address to sign up to My RCH Portal but you will need an email address to receive alerts when new information, such as test results or upcoming appointments, is added to your portal account. 

    Why isn't my activation code working? 

    Check if your activation code has expired. Activation codes expire after 14 days. If your activation code has expired, you will need to request another code.

    Activation codes are also case sensitive so please check that you are entering your activation code exactly as it appears on your letter. If you are still unable to activate your account, please email

    Is there a My RCH Portal app?

    Yes. You can download the My RCH Portal app for free from the App store (iPhone) or the Google Play store (Android).

    Who do I contact if I have further questions?

    Please speak with your RCH clinician if you have questions about the information in your portal account, or talk to our Specialist Clinics desk staff or ward clerks if you want to sign up to My RCH Portal. If you are having trouble accessing the portal or experiencing technical difficulties, please email

    Can I use my child's activation code to access My RCH Portal?

    No. Parents or legal guardians cannot use their child's activation code or log into their child's portal account to view their health information. You must apply separately for a My RCH Portal activation code by completing a Parent/legal guardian request for proxy access form.

    How do I cancel a My RCH Portal account?

    To cancel (deactivate) your My RCH Portal account, please complete and return the relevant form below:

    How do I continue to have access to My RCH Portal when my child turns 16 years?

    You will receive notification via My RCH Portal at three months, and again at two weeks, prior to your child's 16th birthday that your access to your child's My RCH Portal will expire on their 16th birthday. You will need written consent from your child to continue access to My RCH Portal. This can be done on the Parent/legal guardian request for proxy access form. The RCH will accept forms no earlier than three months prior to your child's 16th birthday.

    Your information

    Where does the information in My RCH Portal come from?

    The information in My RCH Portal comes directly from you or your child's RCH medical record. This information is added and updated by the clinicians you see at RCH.

    What should I do if information in My RCH Portal is incorrect?

    Speak with your doctor at your next hospital visit or update information about your health issues, medications or allergies in My RCH Portal. Your doctor will discuss these updates with you at your next hospital visit.

    Can I see my complete medical history?

    No. Your full medical history is not be available through the portal, but more information will appear over time.  

    How can I update my telephone number and address in the portal?

    Send your updated contact details to us through the 'Contact us' page in the portal.

    Sharing your information

    Can I share my health information with other people involved in my or my child's care?

    Yes. Share Everywhere is a new way for non-RCH healthcare providers to access the health information in your or your child's My RCH Portal.

    People who may benefit from Share Everywhere are those who form part of your or your child's care team, such as:

    • community healthcare providers (e.g. GPs, dentists, maternal child health nurses)
    • your local hospital or emergency department.

    How does Share Everywhere work?

    Using your My RCH Portal account, on the website or mobile app, you can generate a share code for your chosen healthcare provider, to enter into the Share Everywhere website, along with your or your child's date of birth. The code will expire after five minutes, and a new code is required each time the feature is used.

    By generating a share code, you are responsible for any information you share with others and agree to the My RCH Portal Terms of Use.

    What information can the person I share my record with see?

    Your nominated healthcare provider can see the same information you can see in your or your child's My RCH Portal account.

    Your healthcare provider can also send non-urgent comments to the RCH's Health Information Services. These comments are not sent directly to your RCH clinician, so if follow-up or action is required, please ask your nominated healthcare provider to contact the RCH directly.

    Managing appointments

    Can I schedule, change or cancel appointments through My RCH Portal?

    You can change or cancel an appointment and request a new appointment through My RCH Portal, but you cannot schedule appointments directly with RCH clinicians.

    You can only request appointments up to four months in advance. If you need an urgent appointment, please call the RCH. If you cancel an appointment through the portal, it is immediately removed from our schedules and no longer available to you. 

    I want to request an appointment with a specific doctor - why are they not listed?

    You can only request appointments with doctors you've seen in the past six months. 

    Test results

    How long do I have to wait for test results to appear in the portal?

    Test results are not instantly available through the portal. You will usually be able to see test results within eight days of the final result. This eight-day timeframe allows our clinicians to review a test result, add a note or contact you in person before the result is released to the portal. 

    Why don't have I access to all past test results through the portal?

    Unfortunately, you can only see test results dating back to April 30, 2016 when My RCH Portal 'went live'. Historical results - from tests carried out before April 30, 2016 - are not available through the portal but can be requested through the RCH's  Freedom of Information process. 

    Why are some test results missing?

    Some test results are not automatically released to My RCH Portal, (e.g. some diagnostic test results - ECHOs, ECGs, EKGs, and radiology images). Your clinician will give you these results at your next RCH visit.

    What if I can't understand my test results?

    Talk with your RCH clinician. The 'normal' range for a test can help you interpret a test result but it is not always relevant. For example, the normal range may not apply to children with certain conditions. Your doctor will discuss your results with you either over the phone or at your next hospital visit, and advise what action you should take based on those results. 


    Why can't I request a repeat prescription for all my medications from My RCH Portal?

    You will only be able to request repeat prescriptions for medications that you must get from your RCH doctor. Most repeat prescriptions should be obtained from your GP.


    Can I send a message to my doctor through My RCH Portal?

    Not at this time. This is something that may be available at a later date. 

    Where can I send any feedback or suggestions about My RCH Portal?

    To provide feedback about My RCH Portal or your RCH experience, please contact the RCH consumer liaison team.

    Troubleshooting and technical

    Where do I enter my activation code?

    Go to and click on 'Sign up now'. Follow the instructions to enter your activation code and complete the sign up process. 

    Is My RCH Portal secure?

    The RCH uses the latest in secure technology to protect your or your child's health information. No personal data is stored on your browser, phone or tablet.

    Your username and password is unique. To help protect your or your child's personal health information always log out of the portal at the end of your session. The portal will automatically log out if your keyboard or keypad is inactive for 15 minutes.

    I have forgotten my password or username. What should I do?

    You can reset your username and password on the My RCH Portal login page or email if you need help.

    I have signed up for email alerts, so why am I not receiving them?

    Check your junk/spam email settings and add to your list of trusted websites. Email if you are still experiencing problems.

    Remember, do not click links from untrustworthy sources.

    The RCH will never send you emails asking for passwords or login details.

    What browsers support My RCH Portal?

    Internet Explorer 9-11, Firefox 33 or later, Chrome 38 or later, and Safari 6.