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Medical Staff Association

Awards and scholarships

  • Elizabeth Turner medal

    The Elizabeth Turner Medal is named to honour the memory of Dr Elizabeth K Turner MBBS, MD, FRACP, LLD (Hons), who worked as a paediatrician at the hospital from 1942 to c.1980. Elizabeth Turner graduated with MBBS in 1940 and received her MD in 1948. She was the first doctor in Australia to administer penicillin, and the first female Medical Superintendent of the (then) Children’s Hospital (1944-46). Elizabeth Turner’s devotion to the care of her patients exemplifies the qualities recognised in a recipient of the medal.


    To acknowledge excellence in clinical care provided by a member of the senior medical/dental staff of the RCH over an extended period of time. This medal is awarded primarily on the basis of the individual’s contribution to the clinical care of their patients and is in essence, our highest form of peer recognition for exceptional clinical care. See details and selection criteria.

    Previous recipients

    • 2002     Arnold Smith, Gastroenterology
    • 2003     Lloyd Shield, Neurology
    • 2004     Tony Holmes, Plastic surgery
    • 2005     Elizabeth Rose, ENT
    • 2006     Peter Loughnan, Neonatology
    • 2007     Keith Waters, Oncology
    • 2008     Barbara Main, Anaesthetics
    • 2009     Margaret Zacharin, Endocrinology
    • 2010     Karin Tiedemann, CCC
    • 2011     Jim Wilkinson, Cardiology
    • 2012     Roger Allen, Rheumatology
    • 2013     Hugo Gold, General Medicine
    • 2014     Valerie Mayne, Medical Imaging
    • 2015     Margaret Rowell, Developmental Medicine
    • 2016     Lionel Lubitz, General Medicine
    • 2017     Russell Taylor, General Surgery
    • 2018     Rob Henning, Intensive Care
    • 2019     Ian McKenzie, Anaesthetics
    • 2020.    Dinah Reddihough, Developmental Medicine
    • 2021     Peter Barnett, Emergency
    • 2022     James Elder, Ophthalmology
    • 2023     Virginia Maixner   

    The Barnes-Hutson Medal


    This medal is being established by the Medical Staff Association [MSA] to mark the outstanding contribution by Graeme Barnes [Gastroenterology] and John Hutson [General Surgery and Urology] to the Royal Children’s Hospital [RCH].  

    Both were excellent clinicians who served their department and the children of Victoria with distinction. They have significantly added to the role of being a great “all round clinician” by embracing clinical and laboratory research, education and mentorship where each has individually made enormous contributions. 

    In the 150th year of the RCH we feel that it is fitting through such an award to recognise their outstanding contribution to the fabric of the RCH.


    To acknowledge the substantial contribution by a Senior Medical/Dental member of staff as a clinician, researcher, educator and mentor made over an extended period of time. This award is a recognition by peers of this sustained contribution.


    A letter[s] of support addressing the selection criteria is essential and it would be preferable that these are from more than one source.


    • Excellence of clinical care: A proactive, compassionate and selfless contribution to patient care is essential. With measurable outcomes of this contribution

    • Clinical or Basic science research- Evidence of academic leadership and contribution to a particular field of their expertise

    • Education- Contribution to teaching at a department, campus wide and wider community

    • Mentorship- contribution to the wellbeing and training of future specialists within the field of the nominee’s expertise

    • Current member of Senior Medical Staff at RCH


    By members of the RCH MSA. Nominations to be called for by secretary of MSA 2 months before presentation

    Selection Committee:

      Executive committee of the MSA

      Frequency of award

      Ordinarily annual, however need not be awarded.


      Medal and certificate to be presented at the annual dinner of MSA.


      From MSA subscriptions.

      The Process

      Once nominations are received by the MSA Secretary these will be distributed to a sub-committee [Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and One other person from the Executive].

      The sub-committee will determine who would be suitable for the award. Those who are deemed as such [short list of 2-4] will have the nomination distributed to the executive and the entire group will be given timeline to rank the nominees and return their vote to the MSA secretary. Following this, results will be collated and will be the subject of discussion at the last MSA meeting before the “End of Year” dinner to make a final decision.

      Previous recipients

      • 2021    Winita Hardikar, Gastroenterology (Inaugral)
      • 2022    Jill Sewell, Community Paediatrics, RACP, Clinical Ethics & Kerr Graham, Orthopaedics/Gait Laboratory
      • 2023    Prof Julie Bines, Gastroenterology

      MSA scholarship

      The MSA Travelling Scholarship is intended to assist senior registrars or fellows at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) to increase their knowledge and expertise by undertaking travel and further education.

      Applicants must be medical practitioners, training in paediatric medicine, surgery or other related paediatric discipline at RCH, with preference given to applicants who can demonstrate that their proposed program will have wider benefits to the hospital’s clinical and/or research activities. The scholarship is primarily provided to support travel to allow the applicant to gain further experience at a centre of excellence within Australia or overseas. See details and selection criteria

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