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Medical Staff Association

Medical Staff Association

  • The RCH Medical Staff Association (MSA) represents and supports the senior medical staff (SMS) of the hospital. Consultant staff (medical, surgical, dental) and senior fellows are eligible for membership - we encourage consultants and fellows to support the MSA, and each other, by becoming members and attending MSA meetings and social events.

    The MSA is a focus for:

    • Communication with the RCH Executive and the Chair of the RCH Board
    • Implementation of the RCH Compact (intranet only)
    • Industrial relations issues
    • Staff wellbeing
    • SMS education, including masterclasses sessions, the Vernon Collins oration (June) and the annual medico-legal seminar
    • Quality patient care and systems issues - including representation on the Sabbatical, EBA, Conflict of Interest, and Medical Appointment Committees
    • Peer recognition and support - through welcoming new staff, the Elizabeth Turner Medal and the MSA scholarship
    • Social functions - with a mid-year and end-of year dinner - format will be altered with Covid.

    Membership of the MSA is $5 per week - this can be paid as a fortnightly payroll deduction (which is the preferred means of subscription payment). To sign up please complete a membership application form and email it to

    All SMS (regardless of MSA membership) are welcome to join the SMS mailing list. Please see further detail on other RCH mailing lists.

    MSA news

    Congratulations to:

    • Margie Danchin and Daniel Engelman on receiving Churchill Fellowships for 2021
    • Ian McKenzie - recipient of the Elizabeth Turner medal for 2019
    • Prof Sarath Ranganathan - on formal appointment as the Stevenson Professor of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne in May 2020
    • New appointments (2020): Billy Garvey (General Medicine Upper Airways, CCCH, Feb 2020), Joel Smith (Pathology, Feb 2020), Daniel Wilks (Plastic Surgery Feb 2020), Amit Saha (Gastroenterology, Feb 2020), Kathleen McGrath (Gastroenterology Feb 2020), Colette Reveley (General Medicine, Chronic Fatigue, Mar 2020), (Rebecca Quinn (Metabolic Medicine, Mar 2020), Erich Rutz (Cerebral Palsy Clinical Lead, Gait Laboratory Clinical Director, April 2020), Rod. O'Day (Opthalmology - Ocular Oncology, Apr 2020), Susan Singh (Radiology, May 2020), William Alexander (Plastic Surgery, May 2020), Dong Anh Khoung Quang (Children's Cancer Centre - Molecular Oncology, May 2020), Raffaela Armiento (Strategy and Organisation Improvement, May 2020), Dani Bao (General Medicine, July 2020), Gordon Baikie (Director Neurodevelopment and Disability, Sep 2020), Phil Robinson (Director Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Sep 2020), Jim Buttery (Chief Clinical Research Information Officer and Infectious Diseases, Oct 2020), Aaron Buckland (Orthopaedics, Oct 2020), Simon Carter (Renal, Oct 2020), Robert Coleman (Urology, Oct 2020), John Massie (Bioethics, Oct 2020).

    Welcome to new senior medical staff

    As of end-May 2020, the SMS group includes 551 clinicians, employed across 594 roles, in approximately 281 EFT - with 137 full-time staff, and 404 part-time senior staff. Please feel free to contact any of the MSA executive group when you start at RCH - for a quick coffee or catch-up. 

    MSA -  updated October 2020. Contact