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Melbourne Research Unit for Facial Disorders

MRUFD Grants and Publications

  • Research Grants

    Through the generosity of our donors, the MRUFD may at times have funds available for seeding new research projects or otherwise supporting local researchers from the orofacial field. Notably, the grants disbursed to date (summarized below) have supported several studies through to publication, and assisted the successful completion of three PhD programs (Dr Julie Reid, Royal Children's Hospital; Dr Roy Judge, Melbourne Dental School; and Dr Firas Alsoleihat, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute).

    The MRUFD has a Research Advisory Committee to assess potential projects for seed funding. For study proposals that require additional specialized knowledge, appraisal is sought both locally and further afield as appropriate. Interested parties (medical and dental practitioners and scientists) should contact the Directors about the current availability of funding, and pursue the application process using this  Research Grant Application Form.

    Research Grants awarded by the MRUFD

    1. An investigation into Masticatory Bone Strain Using In Vitro and In Vivo Canine Models. (Judge et al.)  $12,000
    2. Elucidation of the genetic basis of Amelogenesis Imperfecta (Aldred et al.)  $17,260
    3. Feeding difficulties in infants with cleft lip and /or palate: an overrated problem or a neglected aspect of care? (Reid et al.)   $12,500
    4. The use of Electro-palatography (EPG) in the assessment and management of speech deficits in children with cleft lip and palate (Reilly et al) $7,000
    5. The fate of dermis grafts in the sheep TMJ following discectomy (Brown & Ferguson)  $10,165
    6. Human Masseter Muscle Structure and Function in Subjects with Different Underlying Vertical Facial Patterns (Woods et al) $40,272
    7. Osseointegration in children and young adults with Ectodermal Dysplasia and Cleft Lip and Palate. A two part study involving clinical evaluation and psychological assessment. (Sweeney et al) $11,365
    8. The significance of tongue-tie: a study of Australian surgeons (Ms. Sally Brinkmann et al.) $800
    9. Difficult intubation induced by maxillary distraction device placement in craniosynostosis syndromes. (Roche et al., Dept. Anaesthesia) $200
    10. A retrospective study of alveolar bone grafts in cleft patients at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, 1996-1999. (Hogan) $500
    11. Craniofacial microsomia: experience using the OMENS-Plus classification at the Royal Children's Hospital of Melbourne. (Poon) $500
    12. Molecular phenotyping in cranial neural crest cells - a pilot application of microsample proteomics analysis. (Farlie, Hubbard) $10,000
    13. Proteomic profiling of facial development (Farlie, Hubbard) $10,000
    14. Proteomic characterisation of enamel affected by idiopathic molar hypomineralization (Crombie, Mangum) $5,000

    Research publications supported by the MRUFD

    1. Unusual jaw lesions in the paediatric and adolescent patient: a management challenge. Heggie AA. Ann R Aust Coll Dent Surg. (2000) 15:185-192 (PMID: 11709936)
    2. Difficult intubation induced by maxillary distraction device placement in craniosynostosis syndromes. J Roche, G Frawley, A Heggie. Paediatr Anaesth. (2002) 12:227-234 (PMID: 11903936)
    3. Le Fort III internal distraction in syndromic craniosynostosis. Holmes AD, Wright GM, Meara J, Heggie AA, Probert T. J Craniofac Surg (2002) 13:262-272 (PMID: 12000884)
    4. Allogeneic bone grafting of calvarial defects: an experimental study in the rabbit. Shand JM, Heggie AA, Holmes AD, Holmes W. Int. J. Oral Maxillofac Surg (2002) 31:525-531 (PMID: 12418569)
    5. A comparison of the stability of single-piece and segmental Le Fort I maxillary advancements. Arpornmaeklong P, Heggie AA, Shand JM. J Craniofac Surg (2003) 14:3-9 (PMID: 12544214)
    6. Hemifacial Microsomia: use of the OMENS-Plus classification at the Royal Children's Hospital of Melbourne. Poon C-H, Meara JG, Heggie AA. Plast Reconstr Surg (2003) 111:1011-8 (PMID: 12621170)
    7. Canine eruption into grafted alveolar clefts: A retrospective study. Hogan L, Shand JM, Heggie AA, Kilpatrick K. Aust. Dental J (2003) 48:119-124 (PMID: 14649402)
    8. Juvenile mandibular chronic osteomyelitis: a distinct clinical entity. Heggie AA, Shand JM, Aldred MJ, Talacko AA. Int. J Oral Maxillofac Surg (2003) 32:459-468 (PMID: 14759102)
    9. Stability of combined Le Fort I maxillary advancement and mandibular reduction. Arpornmaeklong P, Shand JM, Heggie AA. Aust Ortho J. (2003) 19:57-66 (PMID: 14703330)
    10. Internal mandibular distraction to relieve airway obstruction in infants and young children with micrognathia. Chigurupati R, Massie J, Dargaville P, Heggie AA. Pediatr Pulmonol. (2004) 37:230-235 (PMID: 14966816)
    11. Skeletal stability following maxillary impaction and mandibular advancement. Arpornmaeklong P, Shand JM, Heggie AA. Int. J. Oral Maxillofac Surg. (2004) 33:656-663 (PMID: 15337178)
    12. Feeding interventions for growth and development in infants with cleft lip, cleft palate or cleft lip and palate. Glenny AM, Hooper L, Shaw WC, Reilly S, Kasem S, Reid JA. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. (2004) 3:CD003315 (PMID: 15266479)
    13. Accessing the evidence to treat the dysphagic patient: can we get it? Is there time? Brener L, Vallino-Napoli LD, Reid JA, Reilly S. Asia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing (2003) 8:36-43
    14. A review of feeding interventions for infants with cleft palate. Reid JA. Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal (2004) 41:268-278 (PMID: 15151444)
    15. ERp29, a general endoplasmic reticulum marker, is highly expressed throughout the brain. Macleod JC, Sayer RJ, Lucocq JM, Hubbard MJ. J. Comp. Neurol. (2004) 477:29-42 (PMID: 15281078)
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    24. Cysts of the jaws and advances in the diagnosis and management of naevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome. Shand JM, Heggie AA. Oral Maxillofac. Surg. Clin. North Am. (2005) 17:403-414 (PMID: 18088795)
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