Metabolic Medicine

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  • Postal address:Department of Metabolics
    Level 2, East Building, Zone K
    The Royal Children's Hospital
    50 Flemington Road
    Parkville, VIC 3052, AUSTRALIA  
    Appointments:+61 3 9345 6180
    Office Telephone:+61 3 9345 6251
    Fax:+61 3 9345 6740

    Metabolic Team

    Metabolic Acting Lead- Manager

    Dr Maureen Evans

    Metabolic Consultants

    Dr Heidi Peters

    Dr Joy Lee

    Dr Sarah Donoghue

    Metabolic Fellows

    Dr Sharmila Kiss

    Dr Oliver Heath

    Dr Fadhullah Yusof 


    For emergencies and after hours assistance please phone switch board on: 03 9345 5522 and ask to speak with Metabolic Fellow on call.


    Administration assistant

    Pamela Linden

    Phone: 03 9345 6251

    Metabolic Clinical Nurse Consultants

    Mia Normoyle, RN (Currently on maternity leave, filled by Noelle Giordano, RN)

    Phone: 03 9345 6244

    Pager 5160


    Carla Rogers, RN 

    Phone: 03 9345 6244

    Pager 5160


    Metabolic Dietitians


    Dr Maureen Evans, AdvAPD
    Phone: 03 9345 6234

    Kristen Fitzell, APD
    Phone: 03 9345 6236

    Erin Mullane, APD
    Phone: 03 9345 6235

    Social Worker

    Angela Crooke
    Phone: 03 9345 6126


    Dr Julia Shekleton (Currently on maternity leave)

    Newborn Screening Contacts

    Sally Morrissy

    Phone: 8341 6460


    Newborn Screening Laboratory

    Phone: 8341 6272



    Phone: 03 9345 6180


    If your child is unable to attend their appointment please notify the clinic as soon as possible. You will need to provide your child’s UR number.

    Ordering a Prescription from the Metabolic Team

    Email the metabolic Team for a prescription via

    Please be aware that you need to give at least 10 business days notice for prescriptions to be written.

    Please request a prescription in the following format and the Fellow will be able to write the prescription.

    When requesting a prescription information to include:

    Name of Child :

    UR number:

    Date of Birth:



    Where you would like the prescription taken to or delivered to:

    Please include your current address if you would like the prescription posted out.