RCH Simulation Program

  • Why Simulation?

    Simulation gives individuals and/or multidisciplinary teams the opportunity to deliberately practice high-risk, low-frequency events or procedural tasks within a safe environment. Through simulation we can improve individual health professionals' skills, strengthen teamwork, integrate and learn from error.

    Simulation offers clinical, communication and instructor programs to internal and external healthcare practitioners.

    Clinical Programs are committed to training interprofessional teams around how human factors impact on clinical decision making during clinical events.

    Communication Programs focus on training healthcare workers on key communication strategies during complex conversations between colleagues and families.

    Instructor Programs including the Royal Children's Hospital Simulation Train the Trainer Program which focuses on training healthcare workers to utilise all facets of simulation as an educational tool.

    Simulation at the RCH consists of a dedicated team of medical and nursing staff and those who wish to dedicate themselves to a 12 month Fellowship.

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