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  • HERO – Health Education and Resources Online - is the RCH education learning management system (LMS) which will support all professional training and education across all disciplines.

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    Medical education courses available on Learning HERO

    Basic Life Support - Infant and Child

    Click here to find out more about the First 3 Minutes Program

    Click here to complete Basic Life Support - Infant and Child

    Aseptic Technique

    This module forms part of Standard 3: Preventing and controlling healthcare associated infection. Click here to complete Aseptic Technique

    Open Disclosure

    The Royal Children’s Hospital seeks for staff to feel supported and equipped to partake in the open disclosure process. Click here to complete Open Disclosure

    IV Cannulation Peripheral

    This training aims to teach you to confidently prepare the equipment, surroundings, individuals and yourself to safely insert and remove an IV cannula. It includes tips and tricks to finding a paediatric vein and troubleshoot if things go wrong. Click here to complete IV Cannulation Peripheral

    Lumbar Puncture

    This module covers electrical conduction system and physiology review, rhythm recognition, management of shockable rhythms and pad placement and safe defibrillation. Click here to complete Lumbar Puncture

    Suprapubic Aspirate (SPA)

    Understand the indications for SPA and equipment, patient and environment preparation. Click here to complete SPA

    Intraosseous Access

    This course will give you the indications for IO. Click here to complete IO Access

    Adrenaline and Fluid Bolus Administration in a Resuscitation

    Understand the correction and route of administering adrenaline in a resuscitation, drawing up and administering IV and IO fluid and calculating the adrenaline and fluid doses during a resuscitation. Click here to complete Adrenaline and Fluid Bolus


    Recognise and manage Anaphylaxis using the correct EpiPen and understand the correct concentration, dose and route for administering adrenaline. Click here to complete Anaphylaxis


    Learn more about recognising, assessing and managing a foreign body airway obstruction. Click here to complete Choking

    Medication Prescribing

    This module will run you through medication prescribing in the EMR for both inpatients and outpatients. Click here to complete Medication Prescribing


    This module covers electrical conduction system and physiology review, rhythm recognition, management of shockable rhythms and pad placement and safe defibrillation. Click here to complete Defibrilation

    Emergency Airway Management

    Based on the RCH emergency airway management algorithm, the eLearning modules in this program focuses on equipment and team preparation, troubleshooting bag mask ventilation, laryngeal mask insertion, and glidescope use. Click here to complete Emergency Airway Management