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JRMO Mentoring

  • Jrmo mentoring

    Mentoring is integral to the development of doctors in complex, pressured, work-based environments. 
    Drawing from corporate, and medical literature, focus groups, and survey data from our JRMOs we designed model by which junior doctors self-select a mentor based on a video introduction and brokering of the relationship. Our mentors are our Registrars and Fellows. 
    eLearning resources are designed around the stages in a mentor /mentee relationship and documentation is provided to ensure structure and format for the relationship. This is housed on Learning Hero to maximise flexibility and accessibility for you. 

    Expectations of Mentees

    • Choose a mentor [link to Learning HERO Mentoring Profiles]
    • Complete the eLearning tool
    • Attend sessions with your mentor (every 6-8 weeks)
    • Check in with Clare Polley to discuss the mentoring program
    • Review the program

    Expectations of Mentors

    • Mentor relationship brokered
    • Complete the eLearning tool
    • Attend a Mentor Workshop (optional)
    • Attend sessions with your mentee (every 6-8 weeks)
    • Check in with Clare Polley to discuss the mentor program
    • Review the program

    Online Resources

    To help guide the mentoring process, we have developed online modules and resources with everything you need to know.

    Click here to access the JRMO Medical Mentor Program via Learning HERO

    If you are a non-RCH employee visit this site to access resources and useful tools.

    JRMO Wellness Program

    The RCH is dedicated to supporting both the educational and psychological needs of our JRMOs. The JRMO Wellness Program has been designed to provide additional support and resources for junior medical staff. 

    To register your interest please contact:

    Lichin Lim
    Medical Education Officer
    The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne