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Conferences, Presentations and Papers

  • Conferences


    ANZMPEF - Canberra October 2019

    Poster - Who is the paediatric e-patient?
    Clare Polley, Julia Barrington, Amy Gray, Angela Cisternino  

    Presentation - Introducing accessible Virtual Reality to the medical mainstream
    Clare Polley, Angela Cisternino, Sean Porashemi  


    ANZMPEF - Melbourne November 2018

    Presentation - Orientation presentation – a multi modal and departmental approach
    Clare Polley, Abbey Gordon

    Presentation - What does a successful JRMO mentoring program look like?
    Clare Polley 

    Poster - STEP to Leadership
    Clare Polley, Angela Cisternino, Anthea Greenway

    ANZAHPE - Tasmania July 2018

    Presentation - Mentoring – a multi modal approach to a sustainable model
    Clare Polley 

    Poster - A scaffolded multi-modal approach for junior medical staff
    Clare Polley, Angela Cisternino


    ANZMPEF - Brisbane November 2017

    Poster - Medical Mentoring: a multi modal approach
    C.Polley , H.Enright

    Poster - Open Disclosure: the proof is in the pilot
    Clare Polley, Melissa Heywood, Angela Cisternino

    Poster - Combating procedural fears with JRMO
    Clare Polley, Angela Cisternino