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About Medical Education

  • Our vision is to enable every medical practitioner at the Melbourne Children’s to have the opportunity to participate in excellent educational programs that will support them to deliver excellent patient centred clinical care.

    Medical Education programs refer to the widely accepted 2005 CanMed Framework and are designed to offer professional development in each of the key areas that integrate to make a Medical Expert. The educational needs of the RCH Medical expert are founded in an evidence base of clinical knowledge and skills. However, a medical expert at the RCH is more than just knowledgeable and skillful, they are collaborative, leaders, teachers, advocates for patients, families and other colleagues, communicators and researchers.

    We collaborate closely with other departments within the hospital including, but not limited to, Medical Workforce Unit, Nursing Education, Infection Control, UoM Dept of Paediatrics 

    Medical expert diagram

    From Medical Education, internal and external programs, courses, events, resources and articles. *In this forum, Medical Education only promotes news, programs and events on behalf of internal stakeholders and the wider health community.

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