Medical Education

About us

  • Medical Education at RCH provides training, education and professional development programs for all medical staff.

    Our programs are tailored to the varying needs of medical staff along their career journey, from interns and residents to becoming registrars and fellows.

    Our aim is to enable medical staff to

    • gain the appropriate skills and knowledge
    • provide high quality care
    • pursue their chosen vocational training.

    We work closely with

    • Medical Workforce Unit
    • JMS Training and Support
    • Chief Resident Medical Officer
    • Education Hub
    • Simulation
    • Medical Education representatives
    • Directors of Paediatric Physician Training
    • Directors of Advanced Training
    • Victorian Basic Paediatric Training Consortium (VBPTC)
    • Education leads of each department
    • And most importantly... our learners!

    Stay informed and updated

    Download Med App, an essential mobile phone app for all medical staff. 

    Contact us at

    Level 2, West Building
    University of Melbourne, Department of Paediatrics
    The Royal Children's Hospital