Caring Decisions

Lucy’s story

  • Lucy had a severe accident leading to lack of oxygen to her brain. She was taken to hospital and transferred to a large intensive care unit. Her mother, Margaret was told by doctors that her outlook was very poor, and that if she survived she would likely be in a vegetative state. Margaret remembers the doctor telling her

    "Now I've given you the worst news I could ever give any parent and you're going to need to time to process this."

    Margaret felt sure that life support was not the right thing for Lucy.

    "It wasn't about me it was about Lucy. It was about how much her little body had already been through"

    "She deserved way more than that…it would not have been fair"

    "All I ever wanted for my daughter in life was for her to live a happy healthy life. I couldn't give her that…but [I could give her] this, to let her go… So I let her go"


    Lucy's family spent some time with her in the intensive care unit reading stories to her and saying goodbye. She died shortly after her breathing tube was removed.