What is Limb Reconstruction

  • child on ball 

    Limb reconstruction refers to techniques where the shape and function, or length of a bone in the arm or leg is altered, due to a problem from birth, or due to trauma.

    Limb reconstruction surgery lengthens or straightens, or 'reconstructs' a bone or joint using an external fixator, or frame.

    An external  fixator is attached to the bone by screws and wires. By adjusting the frame, the limb can be lengthened and/or straightened, joint deformity corrected and bone that is missing, infected or abnormally formed be replaced.

    Common conditions treated include:

    • Talipes (club foot)
    • Leg length differences
    • Deformity of limbs - arm,leg,or digits
    • Contracture of knee eg in Spina Bifida