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  • The RCH Safety Centre's mission is to promote safety and reduce injury and death among children. A better outcome in overall safety also provides improved health and wellbeing. To achieve this mission, our ongoing community support includes:

    • information and advice to parents and health practitioners
    • education programs and services offered to parents, child care workers and health practitioners
    • the sale of safety products through the Kids Health Info Bookshop
    • collaborative health promotion initiatives within the community

    This factsheet contains links to a variety of child safety factsheets and resources for parents and carers of children.

    Unintentional injuries to children are preventable

    In 2007, 80,000 Victorian children were treated in hospital for unintentional injuries. Just under 67,500 of these cases presented at emergency. Of those, 13,207 were admitted into hospital. The frequency of child emergency admissions has increased by 82 per cent between 1996 and 2007. Falls accounted for 42 per cent of hospital treated injuries, followed by injuries resulting from hit/strike/crush at 20 per cent.
    (MUARC, April 2009)

    Other examples of unintentional injuries include: poisoning, scalds, dog bites, finger jams (hand entrapment injuries from doors), injuries from glass, drowning, choking and suffocation, and run-over injuries in home driveways.


    Play is important for human development. From a very early age, children are naturally inquisitive and love to explore their environment. Parents play an important role in ensuring their children are provided with a safe play area. Parents and carers can help prevent a range of unintentional injuries in and around the home by following simple safety messages provided by the Safety Centre.  

    Safety education

    Home safety education and correct use of safety equipment has been shown to reduce and prevent the incidence of unintentional injuries. The Safety Centre has many safety products available for parents to see and buy. It also produces factsheets and posters to provide parents and carers with more information and advice about their role in child injury prevention.

    You can find these resources at

     The Home Safety Checklist can be a useful resource to begin expanding your knowledge and awareness of child safety.

    For more information

    Developed by the RCH Safety Centre. First published September 2007. Updated October 2010.

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