Make a referral

  • Urgent referrals

    Please phone (03) 9345 7060 and press 1 for the Emergency Department or press 5 for switchboard.

    The Admitting Officer (Emergency) or Speciality Unit (Switchboard) will be able to help you determine how quickly your patient should be seen.

    If you are asked to fax your referral, please write URGENT on the fax  and include the name of the person you spoke to about the referral.

    Referring to the RCH

    Referrals sent to the RCH are typically screened within three working days.

    Please ensure your referral includes enough information to enable us to assess the child’s eligibility for a specialist appointment at the RCH.

    You can use one of these referral forms:

    Please fax all referrals to Specialists Clinics (03) 93455034.

    Referring Doctors should receive a fax advising receipt of and acceptance/ rejection of referral within 2 weeks.

    Minimum requirements

    All referrals must be typed (not handwritten) and must include the following information:

    • full name
    • name of parent, guardian or carer
    • address
    • mobile phone number
    • date of birth
    • Medicare number (or reason why no number can be provided)
    • Reason for referral (with enough clinical information to enable the clinician to triage)

    We are unable to assess referrals that do not provide this information.

    Where possible, you should also include:

    • ATSI (indigenous status)
    • CALD (interpreter requirements)
    • Physical examination
    • Management to date
    • Investigation results
    • Relevant medical history
    • Allergies
    • Medications.

    Pre-referral guidelines

    Pre-referral guidelines are available for many of our departments and clinics. These guidelines will help you understand any specific referral requirements for departments and clinics, including minimum age requirements or tests/investigations that need to be carried out before a child can be referred to the RCH.

    Go to pre-referral guidelines.

    The HealthPathways website also provides valuable referral guidance. 

    Other resources

    Reasons why your referral may not be accepted

    There are six main reasons why your referral to the RCH may not be accepted:

    1. Not enough demographic information (refer to the minimum requirements above) – we cannot create or find a unique record number (URN) for the child.
    2. Not enough clinical information – we are unclear about the child’s medical condition or the reason for their referral
    3. Does not meet the age criteria – child is too young or too old for an appointment at a clinic.
    4. Out of area – there are appropriate services closer to the child’s home.
    5. No relevant clinical service – the service the child needs is not provided by the RCH.
    6. Originally seen elsewhere – the child was seen or treated by another hospital or health service and should be referred back to this service.

    Contact us

    To discuss the status of your referral with the RCH triage team, coordinate multiple appointments or confirm receipt of your referral, please call (03) 9345 7060 (option 2).

    This phone line is for GPs only.