Updating GP details Information for RCH staff

  • GP details need to be kept up-to-date on IBA (the RCH patient management system) for discharge summaries, outpatient letters, booking appointments and other communication.

    Are GP listed but details wrong?

    Is GP not listed at all?

    If the GP details (eg. address, phone number) are wrong on IBA, or the GP isn't listed on IBA, please contact the National Health Services Directory.

    Important: Do not update these details on IBA yourself:

    • The National Health Services Directory (NHSD) is a national database managed by Health Direct Australia. 
    • The NHSD team will call the GP, check all the details and then update the directory.
    • The RCH ICT downloads this up-to-date database to IBA. Every time this update happens, any changes you have made to IBA will be lost.

    Is the wrong GP nominated to a patient?

    If a patient has the wrong nominated GP please change this via IBA.  All admitting administrative staff and ward clerks should have access and know how to do this.

    • If you don't have IBA access to do this, or do not know how, please contact Health Information Services:

    Hints for GPs and Practice Managers for keeping the NHSD up-to-date