Working with primary care

  • Studies show that about 60% of all children in Victoria have seen a GP (General Practitioner) in the past six months, making the GP a child's most common healthcare provider.

    GPs are also the usual gatekeeper to the RCH - at least 70% of RCH referrals come via a GP. Furthermore, when we discharge from the RCH we are usually sending our patients back to the ongoing care of their GP.

    This makes it essential for us to increase our understanding of the role of primary care and how we can work better with GPs for safer, more effective and efficient ongoing care for children throughout Victoria.

    Discharge summaries

    List of standing summaries to do and tips about completing your discharge summaries

    Update GP details

    How to add a GP to a patient's records.What to do if you cannot find a GP in the database or the GP is there, but the details are wrong. Checking your Unit's data for GP details.

    Working with GPs

    How working with GPs can help improve patient care in and out of hospital.

    Providing GP education

    Tips on getting your education accredited with the RACGP, promoting to GPs and making sure it's GP-friendly & appropriate.

    Find a GP

    Help families find and choose a GP.