Kelpie – Adolescent and Rehabilitation Care

About Kelpie - Adolescent, Oncology and Rehabilitation Care

  • Kelpie ward is a 32 bed unit that delivers developmentally-appropriate inpatient care and treatment to children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 20 with acute and chronic health issues. The ward's multi-disciplinary model of care involves physical care, treatment, emotional support, advocacy and education.

    Kelpie ward specialises in caring for patients admitted under the Adolescent Medicine bed card and works closely with the Department of Adolescent Medicine specialising in the management of patients with eating disorders.

    Kelpie ward also works in partnership with The Royal Children’s Hospital Cancer Care team to provide care that maximises quality of life outcomes associated with cancer treatments and long-term survivorship. This involves the acute management of oncology emergencies such as febrile neutropenia and the administration of chemotherapy.

    Kelpie ward provides paediatric rehabilitation to improve the abilities of children and young people following major injury, illness or medical procedures. Individualised care aims to achieve specific goals in areas such as mobility, self-care and communication.

    Kelpie ward brings together the clinical care and expertise of the Adolescent Medicine, The Children's Cancer Centre and the Paediatric Rehabilitation Service.

    General visiting hours at The Royal Children's Hospital are 0800-1230 and 1430-2000.