Interpreter and NESB Services


  • Translations requests are also made through the Interpreter and NESB Service.

    Translations are charged as per our contracted agency. A quote can be requested if required.

    For any translation request we require the following information:

    Please send copy to be translated by email, if possible, to This will ensure that the documents to be translated are sent to the translator as soon as possible.

    1. Letter on a letterhead formally requesting the translation; 
    2. Cost Centre to be charged and the approval of the person in charge of that cost centre; 
    3. Name and U/R Number (or Date of Birth) of the patient; 
    4. Language into which the document/s should be translated. (either English into LOTE, or LOTE into English) 
    5. Whether any part of the document should be on a specific letterhead or other paper; 
    6. Name, contact details and department of the person requesting the translation; 
    7. Where to send the completed translation; 
    8. A clear copy of the document.

    The time required to produce the translation depends on the length of the document/s. A minimum of 7-10 working days is usually required for documents up to 2,500 words.