Interpreter and NESB Services

Booking an interpreter

  • EMR captured appointments

    Any appointment captured on EMR will flow through to the interpreter scheduling reports as long as the patient or family is registered as needing an interpreter in IBA. The Interpreting staff will then book an interpreter for that client.

    * Be aware patients presenting to RCH for the first time may not have an interpreter booked as the referral has not indicated the need for one and the patient is not fully registered on the system. In this case, please ring the interpreters office an request a phone interpreter.

    Admissions or non EMR appointments

    An Interpreter can be booked for non EMR appointments or planned admissions either via the Day of Surgery centre or ward by completing the booking form in the link below, scan and sending to office directly.

    Please refer to the  intranet only staff booking page.


    For any inpatients, please place an 'order' in the patient's EMR. If required at less that 48 hours notice please contact the office to alert that the appointment is required at short notice. A phone interpreter can be requested at anytime if a face to face interpreter cannot be sourced.


    A phone interpreter can be requested at anytime if a face to face interpreter cannot be sourced.

    Adhoc 24/7 Process

    1. Call 'All Graduates' Interpreting Agency on 9605 3065
    2. Provide phone operator with below information:
            - Client Code: 6352
             - Department Name (e.g. Specialist Clinics)
             - Language required
             - Child UR Number
             - Estimated duration interpreter is needed
             - Any further requests (Dialect, gender preference etc)
    3. You will be put through to the interpreter if an interpreter is available.
    4. If you require a 3-way call with patient family, provide All Graduates with the patient phone number and they will connect them to the call.

    Public bookings

    Please  phone  the Interpreter and NESB Department if an interpreter is required.

    The Department will need to know:

    Your Child's Name

    Your Child's U/R or Hospital Number

    Your Child's Date of Birth

    Language you speak

    Office hours

    Between the hours of:

    • 8.30 am - 5.00 pm Monday - Friday (ext 55998)
    • Outside of these hours please contact switchboard for telephone interpreting.

    In extreme circumstances (death, deterioration of condition etc) out of hours face to face interpreting can be approved by the Nursing Hospital Manager. 

    Auslan or Sign Language Interpreters can also be booked as required out of hours.


    We value your feedback and encourage you to utilise the following processes.