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Your guide to the RCH

Visiting hours

  • Visiting the Royal Children’s Hospital

    As part of our COVID safety measures, there are limits on the number and type of visitors to different parts of the hospital. Before you visit, you need to check the latest visitor guidelines

    We have a check in process in place for all visitors to the hospital. This includes visitors seeing patients on a ward or families coming in for an appointment. Please allow up to 30 minutes for check in.

    Quiet times and after hours

    Patients in hospital need lots of rest to help them recover.  

    Most wards have ‘Quiet Time’ between midday and 2pm. During these times only parents or primary carers can stay with their child. At 8pm, any visitors will be asked to leave the ward and make their way to the exits.

    The main hospital entry doors are locked at 8.30pm each night and unlocked at 8am each morning.  Parents staying by their child’s bedside overnight should speak with the nursing staff if they wish to leave and return to the hospital.

    Gifts and flowers

    Visitors are welcome to bring gifts however please make sure that any balloons are latex-free. 

    Before bringing flowers, check with your child’s nursing staff. Some wards cannot allow flowers in patients’ rooms for hygiene and infection control reasons.

    The RCH also has strict guidelines about bringing in outside food for patients

    Specialist clinics

    Visit our Specialist Clinics page for information about hours and appointments