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  • This page includes links to talks and resources that are available to provide education in refugee and asylum seeker health. Talks have been developed by a range of staff, from Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture (VFST), and North West Melbourne Macedon Ranges Medicare Local (NWMMRML). Talks are saved as pdfs, and speaker notes are provided. Additional links to useful information to develop education materials (including demographics and statistics) can also be found on 'Other resources'. Please contact us if you would like further information or a copy of the powerpoint. Please do not use the talks beyond their specified end date.

    Access to health services

    This talk was developed by RCH staff for caseworkers in early 2014 and updated in early 2017 - it provides an overview of service access for refugees and asylum seekers, with a focus on child health.
    Access to health services for caseworkers
    Speaker notes

    Access to disability services

    This talk was developed by RCH staff for caseworkers in early 2017 to provide an overview of development/disability service access
    Access to disability services for caseworkers

    Parenting - Healthy children

    This talk was developed by RCH staff for AMES case workers in late 2013 so case workers could facilitate sessions on parenting for newly arrived communities. The slides are entirely picture based. Resources from the Raising Children website are included with permission.
    Healthy children
    Speaker notes

    Refugee health - background information and demographics

    This talk was developed by RCH, RMH and VFST staff in 2014 and updated in 2018 - it provides background demographic information
    Refugee health - general resources
    Speaker Notes

    Suicide and self-harm - assessing risk

    This talk was developed by RCH, RMH, NWMMRML and VFST staff for case workers in mid 2014 - it provides an overview of suicide risk assessment 
    Suicide and self-harm - assessing risk
    Speaker notes

    Syrian refugee intake

    This talk was developed by RCH in November 2015 and updated in 2017, to provide an update for health providers on the policy context to the Syrian refugee intake. There is more detail on the associated clinical website

    Syrian refugees

    Other resources

    The following resources will provide up to date information on Department of Home Affairs data, immigration detention statistics, health indicators, and global forced migration information and statistics.

    Immigrant health service resources, Updated March 2018, Contact: