Department of General Medicine


  • Director General Medicine

    Dr Sarah McNab

    Genmed - Sara McNab

    General Medicine Team A

    Dr Philippa Bolton

    Dr Margie Danchin

    Dr Margot Nash

    Genmed - Margot Nash

    Dr Deena Parbhoo 

    Associate Professor Mike Starr

    Genmed - MIke Star

    Dr Shidan Tosif

    General Medicine Team B

    Dr Tom Connell

    Genmed - Tom Connell

    Associate Professor Noel Cranswick

    Genmed - Noel Cranswick

    Dr Nigel Crawford

    Dr Daniel Engelman

    Genmed - Daniel Engelman

    Dr Sarah McNab

    Dr Emily Littlejohn 

    General Medicine Team C

    Dr Katherine Chen 

    Dr Julian Kelly

     Dr Georgia Paxton

    Professor Mike South

    Genmed - Mike South

    Dr Jane Standish

    General Medicine Team D


    Dr Danni Bao 

    Dr Suzanne Boyce

    Dr Daryl Efron

    Genmed - Daryl Efron

    Dr Amy Gray

    Genmed - Amy Gray

    Dr Carolyn Van Heerden 

    Research Co-ordinator


    Education Co-ordinator

    Dr Lexi Frydenberg

    Genmed - Lexi Frydenberg

    General Medicine administration team 

    Kirsten Noakes and Louise Amalfi

    Kirsten Noakes and Louise Amalfi are the Department Administrator in General Medicine.