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    Department of General Medicine
    The Royal Children's Hospital
    3 West Clinical Offices
    50 Flemington Road
    Parkville, VIC 3052

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    Telephone (03) 9345 5579
    Facsimile (03) 9345 4751

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    How to make a referral to public outpatients

    To make an appointment with a General Medical consultant, you need a written referral from you general practitioner (GP) or specialist.

    Referrals need to be faxed to Specialist Clinics on: (03) 9345 5034
    Specialist Clinics contact centre: (03) 9345 6180
    Specialist Clinics web address:
    Specialist clinic referral

    How to make a referral to private rooms

    GP and other clinical enquiries

    See Kids Connect (Primary Care Liaison) for referral form and more information

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