Department of General Medicine

Upper Airways Clinic

  • The Upper Airway Clinic is a referral based clinic focusing on medical treatment of ear, nose and throat issues.

    Common problems seen include obstructive sleep apnoea, recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent otitis media, epistaxis and rhinitis.

    This clinic is staffed by General Paediatricians with an interest in ENT issues. An ENT surgeon is available in the clinic for secondary consultation if surgery is felt to be the best treatment option.

    Clinic time
    Tuesday evening 16:30-18:15
    Specialist Clinic A5, Ground Floor, RCH
    Prereferral Guidelines


    • Dr Kathy Rowe
    • Dr Gideon Pinczower
    • Dr Robert Sloane
    • Dr Alyssa Lim
    • Dr Jo Martin
    • Dr Trusha Brys
    • Dr Niroshini Kennedy,
    • Dr Laura Marco

    ENT surgeon:

    • Caroline Ryan