Caring for hearing impaired children clinic

  • The CHIC clinic provides coordinated medical and developmental care, including assessment, management and surveillance of infants and children with permanent sensorineural hearing loss.


    General Medicine and ENT.


    Babies / children aged 0 to 17 years with confirmed sensorineural hearing loss.

    The clinic does not see children with conductive hearing loss without a sensorineural component except for children with microtia.


    Weekly on Wednesday mornings at Specialty Clinic A1, Ground Floor.

    Estimated wait

    3 - 4 months for standard referrals.  We will attempt to respond to urgent referrals promptly.

    Babies / children with a new diagnosis of sensorineural hearing loss will be seen more quickly.

    More comprehensive referrals are usually seen more quickly. Please provide as much detail as possible on presenting complaint, pre-referral management, outcomes, investigations and results.


    A medical referral AND the child's audiology report are required. Fax to (03) 9345 5034.

    Please clearly state the referral is for the CHIC Clinic and include Dr Valerie Sung or Dr Georgie Paxton in the referral details.

    RCH Referral form online: 

    Contact for clinic appointments: (03) 9345 6180

    Email for clinic queries: