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  • The Department of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition began in the 1960's as a research department. Since becoming a clinical department in 1972 we have maintained a strong interest in research and have been responsible for many advances in childrens' health, including the discovery of Rotavirus in 1973.

    We now have a wide-ranging group of researchers with interests that span clinical and laboratory research, as well as public health in gastrointestinal function and disease.  Emerging research areas focus on liver cell transplantation, gastrointestinal allergies and Crohn's disease.


    Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    We are studying the increasing number of children who have either Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis.  Projects underway are helping to define the epidemiology of IBD, potential microbial causes, effective monitoring of therapeutic agents, and longterm morbidity.


    We are studying the causes and impact of the increasing numbers of children who present with inflammation of the pancreas.

    Liver disease

    We are undertaking longterm studies of a wide range of liver diseases including autoimmune hepatitis, liver failure and hepatitis C.


    We invite our clinical fellows to become involved in research activities within the department.  Medical students are also welcomed, particularly during their AMS Year or equivalent.

    Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Mark Oliver at

    Research staff

    All members of the department have an active interest in research in particularly as a means of advancing clinical excellence.  The current leader to the MCRI Gut and Liver Group is A/Prof. Katie Allen.

    Recent publications and achievements

    The Gut and Liver Group