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    Department of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition

    The Royal Children's Hospital
    Clinical Offices, 3rd Floor, West Building
    Royal Children's Hospital
    50 Flemington Road
    Parkville VIC 3052

    For any emergencies please call the RCH switchboard

    +61 3 9345 5522   

    Request the oncall Gastro fellow to be paged

    Outpatient and PEG clinic appointments

    To book/reschedule clinical appointments contact specialists clinics

    Tel : +61 3 9345 6180

    Or you may follow the link for specialist clinics on-line forms. 

    Specialist Clinics : Contact Specialist Clinics (

    For outpatient referrals:

    Fax: +61 3 9345 5034

    Clinical enquiries

    For Endoscopy

    For PEG nurse

    Note: appointments now cannot be booked by email.  Please contact outpatients as above to book face to face or telehealth/telephone reviews.  

    For Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)  

    Tel: +61 3 9345 5082

    For Clinical Nutrition (Nutrition Support)

    Tel: +61 3 9345 5029

    For Liver and Liver transplant

    Gastroenterology fellowship training program

    If you are interested in applying for our Gastroenterology fellowship training program, please check the teaching and training page on our website via link below.

    Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition : Teaching and training (

    Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition Office (for non-urgent enquiries)

    Fax:+61 3 93456240

    Updated November 2022