Hugh Williamson Gait Analysis Laboratory

Our Facilities

  • 3D Gait Analysis System

    3D Gait Analysis systems allow us to examining how your child is walking by looking at the movement and forces through individual joints, such as the hip, knee and ankle.  This is performed by placing a set of reflective markers on the skin of the child, these markers are tracked by our camera system, so we can see where the child is within our lab.  Through computer processing we are then able to see how the individual joints move during walking.  

    Video Capture

    Video allows us to record how your child was walking at the time of the appointment and any measures that were made.  Video is taken at different angles ( front, side, close up of feet) so we can get a good overall view of your child's walking pattern.


    Our EMG system allows us to monitor the electrical activity of the muscles as your child walks.  Small electrodes are placed on the skin that are able to pick up the small electrical signals produced by the muscles.  This helps to indicate at what time muscles are active.