Hugh Williamson Gait Analysis Laboratory

About The Gait Lab

  • About the Gait Analysis Laboratory

    The Hugh Williamson Gait Analysis Laboratory is a world leader in the analysis of walking disorders in children. Using state of the art equipment our highly specialist staff are able to determine why children walk the way they do. Knowing this it is then possible to plan treatment individually for each child.

    Our aim is to:

    • Provide measures of body structures and function, levels of activity and participation that are relevant to an individual's walking.
    • Provide analysis and interpretation of such measures to assist in diagnosis, assessment, monitoring and treatment planning.
    • Develop innovative methods for data collection, analysis and interpretation to advance our understanding of gait.
    • Provide education and training in the area of Gait Analysis.

    The laboratory is equipped with the very latest measuring equipment to allow us to perform a range of tests. Depending on an individual's ability and requirements you may see all or just some of the equipment we have.

    All the tests are safe to perform with children, they do not cause any pain but sometimes it can be hard work. If you get tired we will give you a break and a refreshment if you wish.

    The gait analysis laboratory itself is simply a room large enough for you to walk up and down in easily. The lab itself is about 12 metres long and 10 metres wide to allow room for walking and the equipment.


    We located at The Royal Children's Hospital, 50 Flemington Rd, Parkville.

    Patient and visitor paid parking entries are located on Flemington Road.Tram 59 (Flinders street to Airport West) and tram 58 (West Coburg to the Domain interchange) both stop outside the hospital.

    You can find the Gait Lab Reception on the 1st floor of the East Building. From Main Street or the car park take the Yellow lifts to the 1st floor and head down the corridor opposite the lifts. Gait Lab is on the right.


    The Hugh Williamson Gait Analysis Laboratory is named in recognition of the significant grant that the Hugh Williamson Foundation gave to the Royal Children's Hospital to establish the first gait analysis laboratory in Australia specifically for children. The Hugh Williamson Gait Laboratory opened on the 19th June 1995 and was funded in its first year through the Hugh Williamson Foundation. Since June 1998, the laboratory has been funded by the Victorian Government.

    Hugh Williamson

    CBE (1901–85)