Family Healthcare Support

About Family Healthcare Support

  • Family Healthcare Support works in partnership with the Complex Care Hub to employ, train and manage support workers who provide this care in the home or community setting.

    The RCH Complex Care Hub coordinates in-home healthcare support for children with a high level of medical complexity. For eligible families this allows parents the time to rest and attend to other responsibilities whilst their child is safely managed by a trained support worker. 

    The Family Healthcare Support workforce is made up of two groups:

    • 80% of workers are family-focused with a set roster working in the community environment. 
    • 20% of the workforce are based out of RCH, have a higher level of training, flexible and responsive to the needs of families.

    Assessment of each family’s eligibility for healthcare support is the responsibility of the RCH Complex Care Hub.

    Referrals for support should be directed to the Complex Care Hub.