Family Advisory Council

Be involved

  • As an RCH Family Advisory Council consumer representative, you would: 

    • Cultivate two-way communication between RCH staff, patients, families, carers and the broader community through the delivery and maintenance of: 
      - Strategies that empower patients, families, carers and the broader community to be active participants in care and service improvements across the RCH 
      - Systems that enable the provision of constructive feedback and compliments about RCH services or care. 
    • Nurture a supportive and respectful environment that enables proactive and productive outputs and outcomes, including:  
      - Preparing for, attending and actively contributing to scheduled meetings 
      - Taking accountability for follow-up actions 
      - Participating in related working groups, time and commitments permitting 
      - Supporting the on-boarding and mentoring of newly appointed members. 

    Working with the Family Advisory Council 

    The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Family Advisory Council (FAC) works together with patients, families and carers so children and young people achieve the best care outcomes and experiences.  The FAC brings children and young people, parents, families, carers and RCH staff together to work on the shared goal of achieving the best outcomes and experiences for children and young people receiving care.  

    Family Advisory Council Members: 

    • have experience in receiving care at the RCH 

    • are willing to share their stories and insight 

    • have the ability to listen and reflect on differing points of view 

    • work collaboratively  

    • show respect for diversity 

    • are enthusiastic about the vision and mission of patient and family centred care initiatives at the RCH 

    • respect the need to maintain confidentiality 

    Become a member 

    If you have experience as a current or past patient, parent, extended family member or carer of a child who has undergone treatment or is currently being treated at the RCH, you may be an ideal candidate to join the FAC. We seek members from a wide range of backgrounds, to fully reflect the diversity within our community. 

    Those who receive care or support a child or young person undergoing treatment at the RCH accumulate a wealth of experience in managing the illness of a child. This valuable living experience can help current RCH families and patients.  

    Want to get involved? 

    If you are interested in joining the FAC, or for more information, please contact

    Alternatively, you can complete the online form on our Get involved page and we will be in touch.