Poster Guidelines

  • Lead time required: 10 working days but please talk to us if you don't have this much time.

    File format required: word doc - no formatting needed - just the information in the right order. Can also be from powerpoint if this is what you already have.

    Graphs: if you have graphs already drawn you can just send these to us in whatever format you have and we can redraw them if necessary. Alternatively we can draw the graphs from raw data for simple graphs.

    Photographs: if you have photographs you can email these with your word file. Otherwise we can arrange photography.

    Other things we need to know:

    • Date you need to pick up the poster from us,
    • Size you have been allocated and orientation e.g. 900 x 1200mm, portrait or landscape,
    • Colours that you love or hate. If you are happy to leave it up to the designer that's even easier!
    • Logos that need to go on the poster.

    As soon as you know you would like us to design a poster for you, please ring either Gigi Williams or Barbara McDonald and we will book it in for you. Once you have all your material together you can email Gigi or Barbara. Your poster will be allocated to one of the designers and they will produce a draft and email it to you. Once this has been approved we send it out for printing and laminating, which takes 1-2 days.

    Cost information can be found here.